Narc appeals to senses

Narc is a thrilling story of two Detroit police officers on the hunt to find the murderer of one of their own, rookie officer Michael Calvess.

Jason Patric gives an excellent performance as Nick Tellis, a narcotics officer that fights his past demons as he unearths the truth in the death of his fellow police officer.

Ray Liotta (Lieutenant Henry Oak) pulls no punches and follows no rules in the search for his partners killer.

Narc will appeal to all of your senses. You can feel the blood escaping from the bodies, you taste the stale air that hovers in the crack house, and you can look into Patric’s eyes and see why he chose to work on this case.

The “Blair Witch-esque” scenes gives the viewer a front-row seat in the midst of all the mayhem.

Oak (Liotta) makes use of the “N” word that gives his character a poster-child nomination for all stress-out, fatigued, depressed narcotics officers everywhere.

When you think the case is solved, continue to munch on the popcorn, it’s not over yet…

One thing for sure: It doesn’t pay to be a narc!

Narc: Rated R for strong brutal violence, drug content and pervasive language.

Running time 102 minutes

Directed by John Carnahan