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January 15th Crossword

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1. TV hard drive 3. Sticky substance 4. Ancient Sumerian city in Iraq 6. Worn looking 7. Votruba’s “Vision, Voices, and …” 10. NKU faculty member mentioned in (revised) “A Letter From a Birmingham Jail” 11. Grappling martial art 13. Human cloning co. 14. NKU student radio, “The Edge” 15. Cruise ship virus 17. Ex: Zap, Pow, Thrak 20. Computing/networking sphere 21. Stylish 24. Poet Khalil 26. Hinduist principle or law that governs the universe 28. S.G.A. pres. Katie 30. Pancake server 33. Without slack 35. Dragon-like 37. Mushroom 39. Hexagrammed oracle 40. Clubby electronica 41. Microsoft spreadsheet app. 42. Graduate test 46. Action star Diesel


2. Writer of “A Letter From a Birmingham Jail” 5. Deep exclamation of Homer 7. Bitterly scathing, caustic 8. Car making NKU donor 9. Muslim shrine 11. Dance 12. Female intergalactic bounty hunter of Nintendo fame 14. Women’s bball coach 16. Red/Yellowish brown wild dog 18. German painter and engraver 19. Romanized Chinese 22. Women’s Movement org. 23. Unit of electrical resistance 25. Sculptor of NKU’s box 27. American linguist and political theorist 29. Progressive musician Brian 31. To cuckold 32. Aquatic mammal 34. Marquez book “Love In the Time of …” 36. Fencing sword 38. FBI domestic “counterintelligence” program 43. Latin for happy, fortunate 44. Whiskey grain 45. Plot, scheme 47. Paramedic 48. Author Ursula K.

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The Independent Student Newspaper of Northern Kentucky University.
January 15th Crossword