Fight to the finish with Dragonball Z: Budokai

Budokai is the game for you

Fans of the anime series Dragonball Z (DBZ) have been waiting for years for a good video game based on their favorite show.

Sure there was Dragonball GT: Final Bout for the PS One, but that game wasn’t really that great.

Now fans can rejoice, they have a fun, and well done DBZ game, Dragonball Z: Budokai.

Unlike its predecessor, it has smooth animation and it is not in the least bit clunky.

The game has five fighting modes, Duel, World Tournament, Practice and The Legend of Hercule.

The Duel mode is your classic fighting game mode. In this mode you can go one on one with computer controlled opponents, have computer opponents face each other.

The best part of this mode, as in just about every other fighting game, is challenging friends to see who can win the most.

The World Tournament mode follows the same rules as the tournament that is featured in the show.

The mode also has three level settings, novice (three rounds), adept (four rounds) and advanced (five rounds).

You also earn zenny (money in the DBZ world) which enables you to buy more skills.

You also unlock the two hidden characters, Hercule and The Great Saiyaman. When Hercule is unlocked so is The Legend of Hercule mode.

In this mode you play as everyone’s favorite buffoon Hercule. Your goal is to defeat super villain Cell, but you have to fight through each of the Z fighters in order to get to him.

But there are stipulations on every fight, like having to fight two fights in a row with the damage you sustain from the first fight carrying over to the next. This is a very tough mode to play, but it is a blast to play as Hercule and hear his smack talk in between fights.

The story mode is also a blast to play through. It begins with the Saiyan Saga and goes through the Nameck Saga, Android Saga and ending at the end of the Cell Games. The only downfall to this mode is you can finish it in one sitting, within a couple of hours. Other than that it is fun to guide your favorite heroes and villains through their respective story lines.

Overall, Dragonball Z: Budokai receives a final score of 9 out of 10. With all the modes this game will keep you busy for a while.

The shortness of the story mode keeps this game from receiving a perfect score, but it is a great game none the less.