Classes at airport expanding

Northern Kentucky University is offering another opportunity for individuals to spread their wings and soar into the future.

Three courses, Aviation Marketing, Speech Communication and Personal Financial Management, are being offered at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport in January.

The program began three years ago with one class and five students. It has grown to include three classes per semester with 25 students in each class.

Students can complete coursework for an Associate Degree in Aviation Administration, fulfill many general studies requirements, or take classes simply for self-enrichment.

Classes at the airport provide a convenient alternative to attending classes on campus. Many of the students enrolled in these courses are airport employees even though enrollment is opened.

“Anyone who has a high school diploma or GED is eligible to take these classes. Students can be seeking a degree or just wanting to take courses to enhance their careers,” said Chris Cole, University Communications.

Approximately half of the students enrolled in courses are non-traditional, older students who live or work near the airport. Many of the students are employees of Toyota, which is located near the airport.

Students enrolled in these classes pay resident tuition and free parking is available.

For more information, call Barbara Hedges at NKU Credit Continuing Education Department, (859) 572-6577 or