Another entertaining ‘Friday’

Once again, it’s Friday. “Friday After Next” is the third movie in the series of movies that was spawned from the 1995 hit, “Friday.”

The movie once again stars Ice Cube as Craig Jones, with co-stars, Mike Epps and John Witherspoon. Epps plays Craig’s cousin and roommate, Day-Day and Witherspoon returns as Craig’s father.

“Friday After Next” begins with a person dressed in a Santa suit breaking into Craig and Day-Day’s apartment and stealing the presents under the tree and the speaker that had their rent money stored away in it.

The two cousins were forced to get jobs as security guards at a local strip mall in order to pay for their rent.

The mall consisted of a donut shop that always had police officers visiting, a store called “pimps and hos,” and the barbecue restaurant that Craig’s dad and uncle Elroy started up after his uncle spent all of his lottery winnings that were collected in “Next Friday.”

The movie had its moments of being funny and hilarious and as a movie goes, I would rate it pretty good. As a sequel to “Friday,” nothing compares. I am wondering to myself when Ice Cube is finally going to be finished with the Friday theme, but no matter how long they go on, I am going to be sure to visit the box office to be entertained.

For an audience of a younger generation, the movie is quite amusing. For an older generation, such as my parents, they will probably look at the movie and ask me why I think it is funny. This is because the movie is once again surrounded with harsh language and plenty of drug use, but that is what has come to be expected from the “Friday” series.

I am still trying to figure out what is happening next Friday.