Poll lacks diversity

As an African American student here at NKU, I was excited to see that you include a section on diversity in your Viewpoints page.

However, the responses you included to your North Poll question, “What is one thing that NKU needs to do to promote diversity on campus?” all came from white students who, at least in my opinion, are not experts enough to address an issue that does not as directly effect them.

Yes, while they are indirectly effected by the students that they have class with and the professors that teach them, I feel you would have gained more credibility by asking students who are the ones that are more directly effected.

For example, ask an African American student, “What drew you to NKU?”, “Can you see yourself staying here until the completion of your degree? Why or why not?”, “If you would transfer, where would you go?” or “What about that university is appealing?”

Of course you couldn’t possibly include everyone’s answer but you could condense them down and give a general idea of their opinion.