‘Cats’: It’s the Cats Meow

I have always wanted to see ‘Cats’ and finally it happened, last Tuesday night.

The most powerful part of the musical ‘Cats,’ nearly brought tears to my eyes in the second act. Grizabella, played by Dee Roscioli, blew the audience away with her voice in the second ‘Memory’ scene. Roscioli delivered a heart-wrenching solo with her amazing voice.

The set had a junkyard look, where stray cats in the city would probably live. There was one set change when Gus, the theatre cat played by William Hartery, is remembering his moments when he played Growltiger. The set was just a backdrop curtain that fit the scene.

Director and Choreographer for the Broadway Series tour, Richard Stafford, created a phenomenal performance. The choreography was great, especially when the company came on stage and every movement was in sync.

John Napier needs a tremendous pat on the back for his amazing costumes designs. Each costume appeared to be individually designed for each cat’s personality.

Another, very interesting scene was ‘The Rum Tum Tugger.’ The Rum Tum Tugger, played by Stan Stanley, was the most comical part of the entire performance. Stanley had a very interesting dance sequence, in which he would sway his hips from side to side to turn on the female cats. He thought he was the sexiest cat alive, expecially when he danced with an audience member.

The lights were very interesting throughout the musical. Lights were constantly flashing and setting different moods for the scenes. For example, at the beginning of the play a platform of lights rose from the stage into the ceiling.

Also, at the end of Macavity’s scene, the criminal cat played by Karl Warden, all the lights went out throughout the whole theatre to show his mischievous demeanor. Then, Mr. Mistoffelees, the magician, came on stage with a nice light show to help display his magic.

In Act 2, Scene 17, Grizabella, the Jellicle Cat who is chosen to be reborn into a new life by morning, is raised on a big tire with the Jellicle cat leader, Old Deuternomy, played by Martin, C. Hurt, into the platform of lights, which disappears after Grizabella steps aboard.

Next time ‘Cats’ is in town, take the time to see a phenomenal musical, it is worth your time.