Program introduces students to law school

Students had the chance to learn everything they ever wanted to know about a legal career.

On Nov. 4, NKU hosted the first ever Law Day on campus Nov. 4.

“I was very impressed by the success of this year’s program and want to thank Professor (Ramona) Brockett for her leadership,” NKU President James Votruba said.

Votruba also said added that he was “impressed by both the number of students and number of other universities in attendance.”

“I believe that Law Day is very important for NKU,” Votruba said. “The legal profession is a wonderful career path for our students and Law Day helps them develop a deep understanding of the opportunities available.”

Law Day began with a series of short speeches from law school representatives and practicing lawyers. Janet Hein, assistant dean at the University of Dayton School of Law, felt that “the panel gave the students a good introduction to the admissions and financial aid process for law school, as well as career options for attorneys.”

“I was thrilled with the way the NKU students were engaged in the panel discussion,” Hein said.

Jeff Alford, a junior majoring in criminal justice, said the experience was a “great opportunity because of the diversity of law schools that were there.”

In addition to being an opportunity for students, Law Day was an opportunity for law schools as well. From the law schools’ perspective, the event provided a chance for them to talk to undergraduate students.

Said Dean Gerard St. Amand of NKU’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law: “This event provided an excellent opportunity to meet many prospective law school candidates one-on-one, and to speak in greater detail about the Chase College of Law.”

Brockett says she plans on hosting another Law Day on campus and envisions it becoming an annual event.

“This type of program would be a valuable annual event,” St. Amand said.