8 Mile brings families together

Apparently Eminem’s new movie 8 Mile is providing parents with a great way to talk to their kids about life.

Several parents brought their children to a recent showing of the film at the AMC Theater at Newport on the Levee, which, oddly enough, played right next door to the new Harry Potter movie.

It is undoubtedly a strange film for parents and kids to attend since the movie hasn’t exactly been marketed for the Nickelodeon set. Besides, Eminem isn’t exactly Bob the Builder.

The kids seemed to like it. Instead of crying, they asked a few questions about things that were happening on screen.

For example, during one sex scene a little girl, who sounded like she was five or six, asked the parent she was with what the two characters on screen were doing.

What a perfect opportunity to educate a first grader. The parents don’t even have to embarrass themselves by explaining what’s going on. They can just point and maybe giggle a little bit and rest easy that their children have been exposed to sex in a healthy, wholesome way.

Another little girl, who was obviously raised in a peace-loving family, cried out for Eminem’s character to stop beating another character. It was an inspiring moment for everyone in the theater.

Her parents should have let her take an extra puff from the blunt later on that night.

8 Mile is so much more useful to the developing mind than, say, Harry Potter, and parents are entertained too, which is really the most important thing.

It’s hard to see why any family wouldn’t want to go to see 8 Mile.

Educational and inspirational, it’s the best movie for parents who don’t have a clue.