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International Education Week

International Education Week will be celebrated at colleges and universities across Kentucky and the nation on November 18-22. Governor Paul Patton, in proclaiming International Education Week noted that thousands of international students are currently attending colleges and universities in Kentucky and more than a thousand students from Kentucky will travel to other countries during the year for educational experiences.

One of the principal means of encouraging Kentuckians to visit and engage in international studies has been the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS), a consortium of 18 colleges and universities.

Governor Patton’s proclamation noted that International education is a way to build peace and prosperity of the world and that international students and scholars make important contributions to higher education, business, science, and the arts both here and when they return to their country of origin.

Peifeng (Allen) Yang, president of the International Student Association at Eastern Kentucky University, said “International Education is the bridge to a harmonious global community.” “We hope all Kentuckians and international students in Kentucky will cross that bridge,” said Yang, a graduate student from Jinzhou, China.

“Eastern Kentucky University has a variety of activities with an international flavor,” said Yang. “These have included an International Banquet in late October when international students cooked more than ten international dishes for the 400 in attendance. A great talent show and beautiful fashion show was also provided,” he added.

“Prior to International Education Week (IEW) there was a “World Percussion Concert” and a presentation by Dr. Kelli Carmean and Dr. Rick Sambrook on teaching abroad. During IEW four international films will be shown. Dr. David Zurick will make a presentation on working with students in the Himalaya, Jeff Mertz will discuss conducting research in China, and Susan Wolfinbarger will describe her studies in Oaxaca, Mexico. Professor L. Michael “Mick” Lewis, who has traveled to more than forty countries, a dozen of them Muslim, will present a program on “Education and the Middle East,” said Yang

Leyah Lee an EKU student from China will tell Chinese children’s stories at the Madison County Public Library, Chandra Julakanti, an EKU graduate student from India will set up a display of “International Money” at the Madison County Public Library and international students will also provide a demonstration cricket game next friday, ” he added. Yang concluded, “I hope those with computers will learn about the details of those events at:

Albert Kalim, president of the International Student Council at University of Kentucky, said, “In today’s world, students increasingly need to complement their academic learning with the knowledge, understanding, and respect of other cultures, beliefs, people, and languages in order to succeed in a global environment. International and Exchange Students at the University of Kentucky make significant contributions to campus diversity and community learning by enhancing the awareness and appreciation of the diverse cultures represented on and off campus.”

“In March, 2003 the University of Kentucky will celebrate Cultural Diversity Week, sponsored by Office of International Affairs. The International Student Council will assist in celebrating and supporting the event by hosting the 2003 ISC Talent Night that will feature talents from around the world. We hope schools and communities will support and join us in celebrating 2002 International Education Week and 2003 Cultural Diversity Week,” Kalim, as student from China, added.

Paola Cassana, President of the International Club at Western Kentucky University said, “All international students help to embrace and spice the education towards an open and ideal perspective of the New World.” Cassana, who came to WKU from Peru added, “Students at Western Kentucky University benefit from international students by learning from their cultures and by going abroad. The number of American students going abroad have increase as the number of international students increased.”

“International students are a valuable asset to Kentucky State University because we bring different values and perspectives to the classroom and everyday activities. I am fortunate to be a part of a family that extends to thousands of miles around the globe to places I could have never imagined. There is no better treasure than the lifelong friendships I have cultivated with other international students, ” said Patty Carcamo, president of the International Student Association at KSU.

Carcamo, a junior management and marketing major from Honduras, said KSU will be hosting a Cultural Variety Show at 7 p.m. Friday, November 22 in the Multipurpose Room at KSU. She said there would also be an advertising campaign on IEW throughout the week and there would be a cultural exhibition with displays from different countries.

Other presidents of the international student associations have also indicated they have active international student organizations: Abdalla Elbannan, president of the International Student Organization at Murray state University; Burhan Mohamedali, president of the International Student Union at Northern Kentucky University and Antonio Tramber, president of the International Student Association at Morehead State University.

Individuals interested in study abroad may contact the KIIS program office at (270) 762 3091