WRFN wants student support

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you here the words “administrative support”?

For most it would mean support for the students by the administration. Right?

Well, if you are a member of a fledgling student organization it means absolutely nothing. Because that is what you get, absolutely nothing.

For example, WRFN, NKU’s student run radio station, has been asking for support from the administration since late September and has received nothing.

We have been treated like circus animals. We jump through hoops, dance around on our tiptoes and all we get in return is more hoops.

Frankly, I am sick of it. We have the support of our advisor, the sympathy of the dean, and the backing of the student body, but not the support of the administration. How does anyone expect us to become a radio station, let alone a successful one, with no funding, support, or even speakers for anyone to listen to us.

The red tape we are wrapped in is so tight we can’t even breathe. The administration wants proof, results of our success, without even giving us the chance to go out to the people to collect the support to give the higher-up’s the proof they so desperately desire.

I hear all the time, by a number of students, “When is the radio station going to be on air?” That is a good question. I propose this to the administration.

When is WRFN going on the air? What are we going to have to do to prove to you we are not the WRFN of old, we are a whole new EDGE. We believe that we can be exactly what this campus needs to make things a little more exciting.

All we ask for in return is a chance. We are tired of red tape and hoops. We just want to prove ourselves in the way we know best, on air. This is not a plea, rather a request.

On a final note, I propose a challenge to the student body. If you want a radio station of your own, run by students, geared for students taste and likes, then now is time to show your support. Write letters to WRFN in UC 215 or start petitions and make the administration take notice.

You, the students, are the largest voice on this campus, be heard. Thank you for your time and show your support.