Trick-or-Treaters came to NKU dorms for candy and games

The Halloween Haunted Hall Preschool-Third Grade Party kicked off in Northern Kentucky University’s Commonwealth Hall Thursday October 31, 2002 from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

The Kentucky and Commonwealth Residents and Assistants put the Halloween party on for third graders together.

“We put this together for local children just to come in and trick or treat and have fun and play games and get prizes,” said Jen Jackson, a student at NKU.

“We did this so they don’t have to trick or treat in the cold,” said Jenny Weddle, another student at NKU.

The reason that Commonwealth Lobby was chosen was because it has 3 different wings. Kentucky Hall has only 2 wings. There is also a loft here, which makes it good for a morgue. It was more roomier here than in Kentucky Hall as well.

“I am doing ‘pop the Halloween creature,'” said Allison Ahenson. “It’s either orange or black dots and according to what dot we get, you get a certain type of prize when you throw a little beanbag at it.”

Danielle Bradford, who is 6 years old, came dressed up as a leopard. Bradford played the “Gone fishin’ game” and put the skeleton together, as well as playing many other games. “I had a lot of Fun,” said Bradford. “I felt the ‘eyeballs’ and ‘intestines’ in the morgue.”

Dustin Hensley, who is also 6 years old, came dressed up as GI Joe. Hensley played all the games. “I had a good time,” said Hensley. Hensley came with his mom.

Anthony kiniyalucts and Alex West came dressed as themselves. “It was pretty exciting,” they said. “We got a lot of candy.” They are both from Wilder and both go to Campell County School.

Logan and Morgan Clark came dressed up as army guys. Logan is 6 and Morgan is 3. Morgan likes the Gecko commercials. “I feel good playing all the games tonight,” said Morgan. Morgan went up to the morgue and busted the balloons. Both boys got to see where their sister lives.

Barittni and Taelor McMillin came dressed up as clowns. Barittni is 6 years old and Taylor is 4 years old. “We had a good time,” they said. “We felt the brains up at the morgue.”

Gabriel Lupinski, who will be 4 years old this Christmas, came dressed up as Batman. “I had a great time and I want to play again,” said Lupinski.