NKU Swim club sets pace for next semester

The NKU swim club is set to begin as soon as next semester.

According to Facility Program Coordinator, Kim Linkel, Lauren Tuttle thought of the idea for the swim club which will be open to all students of NKU.

According to Linkel, the reason that the swim club is now being started is because of a growing interest in a swim club over the past three years.

Primarily, the students who have been interested in the program enough to help bring about its birth are the lifeguards and students who use the pool for swimming.

Linkel says this club will give students who otherwise would not use the facility an opportunity to come over and go swimming.

There has “always been interest (in the club), but it has never quite gone through,” Tuttle said.

Linkel said the short-term goals of the club are “to get more people involved in the aquatic area because they feel there [are] a lot of swimmers out there that might just not know about it and with the swim club they might use the facility.”

Tuttle said they “hope to eventually become a team and compete against other sanctioned teams.” They hope to become a team by spring.

According to Linkel, “What they eventually want to do is do a ‘Swim Across America’ or ‘Swim the Atlantic’ and log how many miles they swam.”

If you are wondering what the chances of the club actually becoming a team are