The Real Seats of Power (A Pep Talk)

Election Day is coming up again this year. Election Days arrive and pass year after year, some people vote, others vote not to vote. But something that is inevitable and hardly a choice of the voting body of the United States is the bevy of advertisements on television and in the mailboxes. You know the kind of ads we’re talking about. Incumbents and hopeful politicians competing, looking to create a major upset in their competition for a seat in your county government find the most ingenious ways to misspell your family name while stuffing your mailbox until it vomits with propaganda about why they are and their rival is especially not qualified to serve you. Some people are convinced that not taking a side and cheering in this political game strips you of the right to complain, makes you un-American, and you’re just plain missing the big picture. But the big picture is already lost on people who become so involved in this game they lose sight of where the real seats of power in America are.

If you’re a parent, the seat follows behind you everywhere you go. It sits under you at dinner, when you’re helping your kids with homework, and this throne of power is especially regal, and essential when you make any decision that affects your child life. Many of the major decisions that have to be made may pertain to the academic career of your child. Just being there to drop him off at 8:00 a.m. and greet him at 3:00 is good, but not enough. A child’s education is not just the child’s responsibility. Just like the president has his advisors, a child must have his own team, with a reliable, million-ounces-of-energy starting line-up. This includes the superintendent, principal, secretary, teacher, some other kids’ parents, your child, and yourself. This team will not be competing against any other student’s; its playoff rivals are bad grades, poor discipline, self-defeating attitude, low self-esteem, failure and, most importantly, disappointment of knowing his teammates never even tried to win with him.

So get involved! Meet your teammates in person