Student media needs support

Have you ever wondered why the student media programs at NKU have a low turnout of students?

Well, as for me, a graduating senior, I’m here to tell you that it is because nobody at this university is willing to help students get anything off the ground.

The only exception I have seen to this observation is Gayle Brown.

In regards to the student radio station, WRFN, I have seen roadblock after roadblock placed in our way and the only lifeline that is willing to back us is Gayle.

Everyone involved with WRFN is thankful for her, but disappointed in the Physical Plant and everyone else that is attempting to hinder the station’s unveiling.

Is it really that big of a deal to have some speakers installed in the UC? If you are worried about the outside of the building, then worry about those later!

A student-run radio station would be an asset to this university as well as the Communications Department, but nobody wants to “get involved.” Why?

Give the students some incentive, and they will come! I would have gotten involved a lot sooner if I knew there were a radio station as well as WNTV.

It gives us communications majors something else to familiarize ourselves with, besides TV.

Every student that has been involved with the station this semester has been more than willing to do whatever it takes to get the station up and running. We are keeping within the budget we have been allotted, but still more roadblocks.

Can’t someone bend a little bit for the good of the university and let us students prove to you that we mean business?