Arc returns for more

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If you are looking for a game that takes a considerable amount of time to beat, then Arc the Lad Collection is for you. But are games that are five years old fun and exciting, yes they are. Especially, since the game is actually three games in one.

The game includes Arc I, Arc II, Arc III and Arc Arena. The game also has a documentary disc on the making of Arc the Lad Collection. The game is packaged in what is called an otaku box. Included in the box are, stand up pictures of the characters, analog stick covers and a memory card holder. Although, not as cool as the Lucia’s pendant that came with Lunar 2, it is still cool nonetheless.

The game is packed with 100 plus hours of game play, stretched across all three of the main games.

The graphics of game may seem a little dated, but that in no way takes away from the fun of the game. The nostalgic look of the game makes it all that much better. It allows you to remember times when when you were playing games like the old Final Fantasy’s and Dragon Quest games.

In Arc III, however, the game ventures into the 32-bit world.

Arc III is also the longest of the three games.

The battle system for the game is a little different than in some other games. Every battle takes place on grid system. It ‘s easy to move around the grid to attack, cast spells and all the other things you can do. The way this is done causes a mix between action RPG and strategy games.

The Arc Arena game that is included is essentially a tournament game. You can take the monsters that you capture in Arc II and train, outfit and have them fight. It’s kind of like Pokemon, just not so cute and cuddly.

Arc the Lad Collection receives a final score of 9/10. This game will be an excellent choice for any RPG fan. Especially if you are into old school style games. Arc the Lad Collection will keep you occupied for hours, so if you have some free time shell out the $75 for this game. You will probably enjoy it.