We The People Have The Power

McConnell’s campaign calls him “Superman” and Lois Combs Weinberg, “Lois Lane.” More like the Six Million Dollar Man he’s raised nearly that amount for this election. SuperMitch’s years of “Leadership That Delivers” has specially delivered enormous tax breaks and subsidies for Big Business and billions in tax cuts for corporations. And, while our nation teeters on war, recession, or worse, SuperMitch pursues his lawsuit against fellow senators including Sen. John McCain, blocking Campaign Finance Reform to protect his own assets.

Give Lois “Lane” Combs Weinberg, aka Wonder Woman in my opinion, a chance. She’s given her experience for years improving Kentuckians lives as a volunteer! Endorsed by KEA/NEA, AFL-CIO and average workers, Lois fights for people and families. She’ll fight for social security, affordable prescription drugs, and most importantly, full funding of education as our nations frontline defense on homeland security.

Give SuperMitch the Kryptonite