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Title: Leaders, Leaders, Get Your Leaders

“It was a way to improve my leadership skills while meeting new people.” Freshman,Shannon O’ Connell

Comments like these and others were heard floating around at the Emerging Leaders Conference that took place September 28, 2002. The Colorful eye grabbing flyers drew freshman Vanessa Marcano to the conference. For others such as Chantel McKenzie it was not the flyers that led them to the conference. “I wanted the chance to learn from experienced leaders and learn new tactics for emerging leaders,” says Chantel During the conference there were many helpful seminars especially for incoming freshman such as adapting to college that focused on how getting involved is a key factor in college to being a leader. A helpful note for many comes from Phi Kappa Tau sophomore Dustin Lewis, “Greeks look for the leaders on campus. They don’t want someone interested in pledging just to party.” To freshman Stevon Edwards, the conference was more than just a bunch of classes. “I am looking to start an organization, Black women in science, so I need to know how to do it,” says Stevon. She actually plans to use the classes I’m an Officer, What do I do now? and Networking your Organization to her advantage in order to start the organization she mentioned. Going to the conference as an emerging leader myself, the classes were useful to me, especially business etiquette where there also was the added bonus of how to use the table arrangement at a business dinner. Overall, says freshman Angela Day, “I liked the conference, it was a good way to improve my leadership skills while meeting new people on campus.” Angela adds, “It was good to learn the top qualities that companies look for.” I am sure that is an added bonus for everyone.