SGA mulls school spirit

“Lake Inferior” may one day be named something less negative.

University visitors may pull into parking lots with kitschy — and catchy — university-themed names. They may walk onto a campus with a black-and-gold color scheme, especially noticeable in well-placed directional and identification signs.

Student Government wants to make sure that when you come onto NKU’s campus that you : (A.) have no doubt where you are, ( B.) see the good of the university reflected in its positively named landmarks and elements , (C.) are impressed with a feeling of University spirit and pride by the campus atmosphere.,and (D.) aren’t embarrassed by the name of the Norse mascot.

To accomplish these things, they unanimously passed a resolution to form an Ad-Hoc School Spirit committee,at their Sept. 30th meeting. The committee will be made up of five SGA senators and four members chosen by Vice President of Student Affairs Mark Shanley to represent Athletics, Student Life and two other departments.

Dean of Students Kent Kelso chose to serve as ex-officio member of the committee. He is responsible for most of the departments the committee will be working with. Therefore,he wanted to be present to make sure these departments are collaborating well with students.

Kelso sees the focus on university pride and spirit as a positive step towards student retention and alumni giving.

SGA lists the renaming of “Lake Inferior”,”Hey-U” (the Norse mascot), current and/or future street names, campus parking lots and the implementation of new street and lots signs as the committee’s goals.

The resolution was sponsored by SGA senators Joe Myers (a junior) and Laura Fischer (a senior). Myers said the resolution came out of the strategic goal setting session of Student Government’s annual retreat. He was optimistic that the projects could be accomplished.

All of the ideas have been well received by the administration except for the move to change the NKU street names, Myers said.

SGA President Katie Herschede stressed the importance of what SGA is undertaking ,

” It is critical to establish school spirit and strong campus traditions. Not only will our current students benefit through these initiatives, but future students,alumni, and the community will all be partners in these efforts.”

SGA expects to have a full report of the committee’s efforts by the last scheduled SGA meeting of the semester.