Online journals are no longer private

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Ever just wanted to read someone’s journal? Just open it up and find out what they really think about you or what they think about others?

Everyone wants to know what everyone else is really thinking. Now with the website you can get your wish, well sort of.

Live Journal is online community where people can share the happenings of their lives with friends and millions of strangers. It works similar to a message board where you post and people can comment. The main difference being you are the one in control.

You can change your journal style, add pictures, and even surveys. Unfortunately unlike a real journal you can’t just hide it under the bed.

A young computer science major by the name of Brad Fitzpatrick first created the web based program Live Journal in March 1999. Since then it has increased to over 700,000 members worldwide. It has grown past Fitzpatrick maintaining the site and now there is a whole team managing it. seems like an oxymoron. A journal is a private thing not something for other’s to read, but after a couple of weeks you might be thinking differently.

It can be addictive seeing into the lives of others. It’s also an easier alternative to e-mail. Instead of sending an e-mail to everyone you can just post your thoughts to people at once.

It’s a great place to meet new people or have new people find you. You can list your favorite interests and search for users based on theirs. You can search for people who like you favorite band or even your favorite food. You can also search regionally for users that live closest to you or the furthest distance possible. A quick search found several Northern Kentucky University students have already found Live Journal for themselves, so why not be one of them?