‘Globetrotting’ student discusses experience of studying abroad

An MBA student at Northern Kentucky University, Jeff Watkins is an experienced globe trotter and former participant in the NKU study-abroad program.

Recently, Watkins traveled to Aarhuff, Denmark for two weeks to study at the Danish, Aarhuff School of Business.

While abroad he worked with over 125 students from around the world, on a collaborative corporate work project.

“I personally worked with students age 21-50 from Canada, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Denmark,” said Watkins.

For Watkins, this was a chance of a lifetime travel opportunity, he literally landed by chance.

“By luck I overheard some people talking about the trip.” He contacted his department chair about the Foreign study program, and was surprised to find out how affordable it was.

Generous scholarships and grants paid for all of Watkins’ travel expenses, including international airfare, hotel accommodations and even tuition. Financial aid is available for students who qualify, while NKU offers more than $50,000 annually in study abroad scholarships.

Students who are considering studying abroad, the NKU study-abroad program allows participants to study and earn academic credit in over 20 countries on six continents. NKU has affiliated programs in Kenya, Australia, England, Barbados, Belize, Ireland and Scotland. Programs are offered for a single semester, academic year or short term sessions during spring or winter breaks.

While proficiency in a foreign language is helpful, there are a variety of programs conducted in English around the world.

Watkins said he experienced minimal trouble with language barriers.

Some advantages of traveling abroad, according to the international department for students include: broadening academic scope, experiencing another way of life, interacting with other cultures, building foreign language skills, and developing a sense of direction for a future career.

For more information about studying abroad contact the NKU study-abroad program at 572-6512or visit on-line at www.ccsa.cc or www.nku.edu/~oip.