Interested In Working With The Northerner


My name is Zach Zimmerman, a Sophomore at NKU. I have been reading The Northerner since I started attending NKU and believe your publication is entertaining, informing and a vital asset to the university. I am interested in doing my part to making the paper better and would like to be considered for such a position. I am a graphic design major at NKU and would most probably be most fit to work with graphics, or doing a comic strip (which would be what I desire to do the most). Writing articles would also be acceptable, but Im unsure if you have to be a journalism major to do articles.

As far as work I have done in the past, I currently co-run a website with my free time — ‘’. I did the design and all of the graphics for the site as well as the coding (html, php) and a good portion of the articles. I have designed a number of other things as well including sports/clubs tshirts, and designs for other websites ( As far as my portfolio goes I have cds full of digital images Ive done as well as sketchbooks with characters I have made and developed.

I am very interested in working with the paper and look forward to getting a reply from you.

Sincerely, Zach Zimmerman