Mailbag Exposed Was Pure Genius

The editorial you wrote about the wierd letters the Northerner receives was absolutely genius. I am greatful that someone finally exposed the truly crazy people that are running loose in our world. There need to be more editorials like this to warn people that we truly are living in a dangerous time with people on every medication in the book writing crazy things like this. I worked at the State Capitol, in Frankfort last Summer, and we got strange letters like the ones you all received as well. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you, that you did a great job and that maybe next time, you all will scan these letters for Anthrax, especially the ones with stamps put on them upside-down. 😉 One last thing, what happened to the Letters To the Editor section? I miss reading the bickering between students and faculty.

-Bryan Eifler, Junior, Information Systems