NKU’s New Logo Alumn Prospective

I am writing in response to quotes I read in the Kentucky Post from NKU’s vice president of university advancement. The quote is as follows:

“It’s a branding of the university,” said Deborah Read, NKU’s vice president of university advancement. “It’s a forward looking, progressive logo that we think symbolizes the progressive nature of the university.”

My time at NKU ended last May at when I graduated. I do not ever remember NKU being progressive, forward looking or for that matter even stagnant. What I remember is that NKU had a reactionary administration that time and time again attempted to censor professors and in turn, cheated students out of the learning progress. If examples are needed for some, they need to look no further then the trail of students that led to the upper floors of the library last year to visit a certain prof who had been cast away and treated like Gilligan.

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