Buried Alive: a column for lesser known artists

This week I turn my sights from the bowels of New York to the Heartland of Northern Kentucky. Yes, there are talented artists being buried right here by the radio buzz. Brad Denham is the driving force behind the band Philosopher’s Stone. He plays guitar, sings, and even is known to occasionally break out the harmonica. He was kind enough to take time out of his ever growing schedule to answer some of my questions.

What are you trying to achieve?

Perfection. That being said, and to my standards, this is not attainable. and that is a good thing. I am constantly striving and working to reach this end. Ultimately it is the actual work which gives meaning to my life. As they say, it is not the destination but the journey. If ever I was to feel that I have reached this perfection, could give nothing more, or do no better then there would simply be no desire to go on. I am far to critical of my art to ever achieve this. Of course there is an acceptable satisfaction, which makes the effort rewarding but never enough to make me want to stop trying to improve.

What are you working on now?

I am continually working on new material, experimenting with new sounds and instruments. I have been working in my home studio a great deal, recording experimental ideas and letting sounds flow. I enjoy synthesis (programming synthesizers) very much, and I constantly am studying and attempting to keep up with the overwhelming release of musical technology today. I very much like to keep my hands on vintage sounds and combine them with the new. I’ve also been experimenting with sampling and turntables … presently with philosopher’s stone – a new CD release is scheduled for early 2003.

Tell me a little bit about the other members of Philosopher’s stone.

Joe Alig plays the drums, though all around he is a very well versed musician, playing the guitar, bass and piano. His drumming is melodic and soulful, he was raised in a musically talented family, and that has developed a natural understanding of song. He has inspiring ability and his contributions are boundless.

Chris Laile plays the bass guitar. He is an extremely talented and experienced musician, he has played with many popular groups throughout the area. He is a very focused musician and has no problem accomplishing what he intends to achieve. In Philosopher’s Stone, his playing flows from dreamy to driven and always creates the groove – he has no problem making the crowd move.

Andy Myers creates melodic flow with atmospheric guitar and vocal harmony. Andy is a recent addition to the group, and transplant from the Louisville Kentucky music scene. He has many great ideas and very diverse musical tastes. He has a great appreciation of music and in philosopher’s stone, he is the icing on the cake.

What upcoming gigs do you have?

Saturday, Oct. 19, 9 pm at The York Street Cafe (Newport)

Of course our show dates are always posted on our website http://www.pstone.net, if you haven’t seen it in a while take a look, the many colors will please you.

What is your dream as a musician?

To create art that has a positive impact on the people around me.

To create music that has the ability to inspire others, to move them to achieve their dreams and desires. To discover music that is timeless having a touchable value for society and the power to spark nostalgia for the way things could be.