Stealing Harvard is bad

What do you get when you mix the crazy antics of tom green with the great acting of Jason Lee? Not what you would expect. Stealing Harvard Is just dumb. The review could endhere and you have heard more than enough about this movie. But for the sake of totally ripping into it I will continue.

Stealing Harvard is about John. (Jason Lee) John has finally saved up enough money to buy a “Starter” house and get married to his fiance Elane (leslie mann). Unfortunately he forgot about the promise he made to his sister Patty (Megan Mullally) to pay for her daughter Noreen’s (Tammy Blanchard) College education. That is where the trouble begins. Noreen got accepted to Harvard And holy originality it costs the same amount as the house that John wants to buy. Instead of telling his wife about it he decides to go to his friend Duff (Tom green)for help. Thus he starts a life of crime and the downward spiral.

To re-iterate the first thing that I said This movie is bad. There are maybe two jokes in the whole movie that are even worth laughing at. Jason lee was the total high spot in the film, His acting saved what was left of a otherwise terrible flop of a film. On the other hand Tom green should have been shot for his role in this movie. Take his character from “Freddy Got Fingered” put a hat on him and make him 10 times stupider and you have the character “Duff”

In my opinion I would stay as far away from this movie as humanly possible. As far as a rating it gets a whopping 1/2 out of 5 stars. If you want to be tortured for two hours or so this movie is for you!