Saddam won’t be appeased

Looking back at history, it has always been proven that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them again.

Let’s look at great speeches in world history:

“I had another talk with the German chancellor, Herr Hitler. And here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine,” said Neville Chamberlain in Sept. 1938

“I have received a letter from the Iraqi authorities conveying its decision to allow the return of the inspectors without conditions to continue their work,” said Kofi Annan in Sept. 2002

Now, Elias Hajjr asks “What did Iraq do to the United States?”

Well, for starters Iraq did threaten the entire Middle Eastern region as well as our allies in 1990 by invading Kuwait and massing troops to invade Saudi Arabia and was forced back by namely American and British forces.

Iraq sent assassins to Jordan to murder George Bush in 1993 for payback for having their military humiliated in Desert Storm.

And now Iraq is in clear violation of UN Resolution not to produce weapons of mass destruction and according to Iraqi defectors are producing nuclear weapons. (CIA satellite spy photographs don’t lie)

Now Iraq is now allowing “unconditional” inspection of it’s facilities, but there’s a catch: The only facilites that are to be inspected are military bases.

Let’s face it, we’re trying to appease another dictator by playing nice with him. Saddam Hussein is a threat to our national security as well as to the stability of peace in the world. The bottom line is that there are Neville Chamberlains who want us to be nice to dictators when we really don’t want to be mean and nasty.

Down the road our appeasement of Saddam will cost us perhaps more dearly than what Sept 11 was supposed to teach us but there will always be the pacifists who will want to prove what history teaches us is wrong and we will have to pay the price of their ignorance.