Psychology faculty ‘excellent’

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge NKU’s psychology department. I do not think there could be a better group of psychology professors out there.

I have had the privilege of being taught by many of the psychology professors at NKU and each one I have had, proved to be excellent. I will graduate this December with a B.A. in psychology and wanted to make sure I had the chance to let Northern Kentucky University know of a great department. The professors in this major go out of their way to be helpful and all seem to have an extraordinary amount of knowledge about this field.

I would specifically like to acknowledge Dr. Bardgett, Dr. Goddard, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Hogan, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Krull, just to name a few.

If it were not for me taking Dr. Goddard’s PSY 100 class, I would never had selected psychology as my major. All of my psychology classes have proved to be very interesting and helpful, especially the required class of psychology majors called “Career Planning in Psychology.”

This class goes over the possible career opportunities in psychology, as well as going over values, graduate school requirements, and the like.

In closing, if you have ever considered psychology as a major or a minor, I would highly recommend it, because Northern Kentucky has the professors available to help you succeed.