Intramural sports provides recreation for students

If you are looking to stay active and athletic here at NKU there is a way you can do just that. The intramural sports program may be the answer.

“My biggest pet peeve is that students complain there is never anything to do on campus,” said Dan Henry, the program manager for Campus Recreation. “We offer an activity everyday of the week.”

Organizing the recreational sports program is a lot of work, according to Henry. “The job that I do is usually done by three or four people on other campuses,” he said. He occasionally gets help from interns but he is usually in charge of every aspect from securing the facility to conducting captains’ meetings.

The intramural sports program does have competition from local community sports leagues. Despite that, the number of people involved at NKU has steadily increased over the last few years.

This semester students will be participating in softball, flag football, sand volleyball, soccer, racquetball, volleyball, and basketball.

Danyelle Richardson, senior physical education major, helped Henry with score keeping, signing in teams and managing. “It was good money for the work that I did,” she said. “Dan Henry is a really nice guy to work for.”

She also participated in basketball and flag football. “It was fun, I met a lot of new people,” Richardson said. “I think that everyone should get involved in intramural sports.”

Junior Melia Scheper started her internship with Henry this semester. Scheper recently worked her first flag football game and admits it went a lot smoother than she thought it would.

“Dan was on top of things: making sure the fields were safe to play on, officiating the games and guiding his new interns on their first day,” she said.

Sophomore Heather Dickerson played co-ed intramural softball in the spring and enjoyed it. “I’m looking forward to playing again and defending my teams’ championship,” she said.