Dorm residents ready for construction to end

Forget hangovers. Add dust and debris to a list of good excuses to miss class.

For some Woodcrest residents, stairwell construction in the Willow Apartment units, is causing more than just minor inconveniences. Some residents of the unit have been complaining that noise from early morning drilling and dust particles from sand blasting have been making them sick.

“I’m a vocal student so it’s more than irritating when I walk outside and choke on dust from construction. I’ve had a sore throat and headache for days” Billy Hayden said.

Others, like Nate McCall, are just slightly annoyed by the renovation. “I can deal with the obstacles of construction. I just don’t like the noise,” he said.

Residents have further complained about the adjusted narrow entry hallways, necessary during the improvements. Halls leading to individual apartments are as narrow as 22 inches in some spaces.

“I heard the exterminator had trouble maneuvering the halls with his gear” a resident, who prefered to remain anonymous, said.

Restoration on the campus capital improvement project began in May with the exterior remodeling of Norse Hall. Plans call for minor restoration of stairwells and breezeways in every Woodcrest unit, including replacements of pole supports.

Construction should take a week to 10 days on most units and finish up by November, according to Director of Campu Planning Sheila Murray.

According to Murray, no official complaints have been filed at the housing office. Murray could not put a dollar amount on the project, but remains optimistic about the progress.

Century of Erlanger is in charge of the construction and Murray thinks they have been doing agreat job. “There have been no delays. Things are going well,” she said.

For students still having problems: Be patient, hold your breath and stock up on Aspirin.