Swipe-Card protects campus

Visitors to the new Natural Science Center may notice a small box on various doors throughout the facility.

This box, a magnetic-stripe card reader, is part of the new swipe-card system on campus.

Currently in place in limited use at the Natural Science Center, the swipe-card system allows the Department of Public Safety to prevent unauthorized access and to monitor access by persons inside the facility.

While the Natural Science Center doors are open all day, persons wishing to gain access after hours or on the weekend must use a card that has been programmed to allow them access to the facility.

According to Lt. Col. Martin, DPS operations commander, swipe-cards can be programmed “with whatever is needed for your access.”

Students possessing a valid NKU All-Card will also be able to have their student card programmed to access the buildings.

Currently, two outside doors at the Natural Science Center have the swipe-card system. Inside the building several classrooms, which have high-tech, expensive equipment, also have the swipe-card system.

In addition to the Natural Science Center, there will soon be another building with the swipe-card system in place.

“The new dorm being built will have all card swipes,” Martin said.

The new residence hall, which is scheduled for completion in July of next summer, will have a swipe-card system in place for each dorm room as well as the lobby.

While already in the Natural Science Center and already planned for the new dorm, DPS hopes to receive enough funds to eventually expand the swipe-card system.

“We’d like to see it throughout the university,”Martin said.