Mario cleans up in “Sunshine’

“It’s a meee Mario,” this is the new sound of joy ringing through gamers ears as they see one of the staples of the video game industry come back for another go. Welcome to the world of Mario Sunshine!! As any gamer knows Mario 64 raised the bar on platform games and now it has been raised again.

In this new epic journey you, as Mario, are trying to take a relaxing vacation on a tropical island. When low and behold something bad happens. In this case a “shadow” Mario has come to ruin Mario’s good name.

“Shadow” Mario graffiti’s up the town and Mario gets blamed for it, and is sentenced to clean up the whole island.

This is where the adventure starts. This new Mario game is nothing short of amazing. With seven different levels spanning different sections of the isle Delfino and 120 different “shines” to collect, this game has everything covered. In the theme park oriented level you have to fight a mecha Bowser in one of the coolest battles ever.

Graphically it is totally amazing. Just the amount of stuff going on is breathtaking. Looking around you will find up to 30 people on screen at once not only that but you can see the equivalent of up to 2 miles with absolutely no draw in. You will probably sink easily 30 hours on rescuing the princess and saving the world. You will not ever get bored of this game. If you get stuck on a challenge just go do another one. That is what is great about this game is the variety of different methods you can use to beat the game.

I give this game on a scale of 1-10 an 8. I only give it an 8 because the camera is horrible. It seems to get stuck behind everything. It almost seems they did it on purpose to increase difficulty. Despite this minor flaw Mario Sunshine is a definite buy for any Gamecube owner.