General Announcement: Review of President

In keeping with Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents policy, there is a process for formal review of the President every four or five years. President Votruba and the Board have agreed that a review should occur at this time. The review has been scheduled for the week of September 23rd, 2002. A number of diverse stakeholders within and outside of the University will be interviewed individually or in small groups by the review facilitator, Dr. Edward Penson.

Dr. Penson is a recognized authority on presidential review in universities, colleges, systems, boards and commissions. The purpose of the review is to aid the ongoing professional development of the professional being reviewed. It provides feedback about the perceptions of stakeholders, and offers constructive suggestions to improve the effectiveness of the reviewee.

Although eighty to over one hundred people will be invited to participate (many of whom will be selected using a Table of Random Numbers) there is opportunity for any member of the university community to communicate in writing with the facilitator. If you elect to do so, please address your sealed letter to Dr. Edward Penson in care of his office at the following address.

Dr. Edward Penson

Penson Strawbridge

924 Summerbrooke Drive

Tallahassee, Florida 32312

It is necessary that you sign your letter and include your office and/or home phone number so Dr. Penson can contact you should he have a question about your communication. All communications received will be considered part of the review and will be treated confidentially. No attribution or identification will be made regarding any respondent.