Buried Alive

Thousands of artists in this country are buried alive. You walk right over them everyday and not hearing their pleas because you have been turned deaf by radio and television. Buried behind the Eminem shirts, the Britney displays, and the Insane Clown Posse shirts. Who’s burying these artists?

There are many people with shovels, MTV, Clearchannel, and Warner. No matter what name they wear it all comes down to the money. Why risk money on a true artist when you’ve found the perfect formula? Pretty face or faces equals chart topper. For the others we will create an angry band or if that doesn’t work, The Strokes.

When was the last time you discovered an artist for yourself? Or do you simply let MTV pick your favorite artists for you. Carson Daly acting as MTV’s prophet presents a preview of a “brand X” artist’s video and like a miracle it charts the next day. No, people acting like Zombie sheep are voting for this. Voting on fifteen videos they have a choice from and not thinking about the thousands of videos not even in the MTV archives.

This is why I’m starting “Buried Alive”. A column that interviews the true artists. The people who you won’t find in “People.” The people you should have already found on your own.