Hey jordan it is brittany with my article

Your Card has many Perks! Brittany Williams Your NKU all card holds more than just your smiling face. There are many discounts on and off campus. For those of you that drive there is 50% discount at the parking garage. Those extra savings can always go in your gas tank. Whenever you need a thirst quencher, the vending machines on campus offers a slot where you can insert your NKU all card and receive 10% discount, translates to $.10 since each soft drink. You could use your savings with your all card to put towards copies or laundry (that is if you live on campus). Speaking of laundry and copies, this deal may be for you. Do you ever get tired of lugging around that heavy bag of change for this week’s wash or the pain in the neck task of copying each page or your English essay for class reading? Well put your money on your NKU all card and you can save $.05 on each load that you put in the washer and dryer. On the copiers, with your NKU all card, you get a 50% discount making them $.05 instead of $.10. There are many discounts offered off of campus as well with your NKU all card. Discounts include $1.00 off at Subway when you buy a foot long sub with a drink, chips, or cookies. The same discount applies with a six-inch sub but it is only for $.50. Goldstar chili offers 10% off of your order with your NKU all card as well. Your NKU all card it not just good for practical things like food or laundry but you can go see a show with it too. At the Great Escape, a movie ticket is $6.50 instead of $7.50 with your NKU all card. But, I have to say the best deal of all with your NKU all card is from the Aronoff Center. With your NKU all card, you can get tickets for