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Program urges commuters to get involved

You may start to see their logo appearing at campus events this fall.

In fact, they’ve already held eleven on-campus events and it’s only the second week of classes. Who are they? They are a student life organization referred to as “Norsin’ Around.”

According to Leslie Dorris, Student Involvement Specialist at the Office of Student Life, Norsin’ Around is “a student incentive program to reward those students who are already involved in campus life, and to motivate other students to become involved in campus life.”

The idea behind Norsin’ Around is to present students with all kinds of opportunities to attend on-campus events and reward them for participating. Dorris says there are approximately thirty events a semester students can attend to earn “thunder bucks.” What are “thunder bucks?” Electronic money added to a student’s ID at any Norsin’ Around event. The thunder bucks will accumulate all year, and the big reward will come at the end of the Spring 2003 semester with the “Bid Bash.”

Dorris says during the Bid Bash students will be able to find out how many thunder bucks they have accumulated over the school year and bid on prizes using their thunder bucks. Dorris lists some of the prizes available at the Bid Bash as vacations, televisions, DVD players, book scholarships, parties at local establishments and a semester of free tuition.

Most students realize that NKU is mainly a commuter campus, but aren’t really sure what to do to get involved. Dorris hopes that Norsin’ Around will help more students make a connection to the campus, and “as a result, see campus life at NKU become even more vibrant and exciting.”

Dorris feels a program like this is particularly necessary at a campus like NKU because, “it is easy for students to simply go to class, go to work and then go home.” She continues, “many students don’t really feel a true connection to the university because they are only here a few hours a week for class and do not take in all of the activities and events the university offers.”

If students need any further incentive to participate in Norsin’ Around events, Dorris offers a few final benefits. “Norsin’ Around is a win-win situation for students. By attending campus events, they will be able to meet new people, have a great time and feel a stronger connection to the campus.”

In the end, Dorris hopes the Norsin’ Around program will prove an increased presence of student life on campus. “I think you will see more and more students involved in all aspects of campus life and activities, and as a result see more satisfied alumni.”

Students should have no trouble finding Norsin’ Around events to attend. Some activities this semester include Freshfusion, Walk-for-Education, Sleepout for the Homeless, the Silent Auction, Hollywood Dance, and the Tip-Off Tailgate. Dorris says students won’t need to sign up for Norsin’ Around events, and few require any kind of cover charge.

Students need only bring themselves and their student ID to receive their thunder bucks.

Hopefully through Norsin’ Around this campus can transform from commuter campus into a true community.

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