NCAA 2003 wins National title again

Available: Now for PlayStation 2, GameCube and XBox

From: Electronic Arts

“NCAA Football 2003” plays a lot like its predecessor, almost exactly like it, in fact. That’s no big surprise, the “Madden Football” engine on which it’s based can be polished only so much, and “2003” does do a great job of emphasizing the always-exciting option play. The gameplay, aesthetic polish and control are sturdy, too. What makes “2003” special is its fanatic attention to the college experience, with an extensive dynasty mode, a hilarious assortment of mascot teams and the new rivalry mode, which lets you reenact 23 classic rivalries and play for the various trophies that change hands among the teams. Even better is the new and comprehensive Create-a-School feature, which gives you creative control over your experience. Whatever drives your enjoyment of the college game, you’ll find it here.