Madden dynasty rolls on

Photo courtesy of EA Games

With the beginning of the NFL season just a few weeks away, what better game to start the year off with than Madden 2003. So, what should we expect from the number one selling football franchise in the world. We should expect excellence, and once again, that is what we get.

The first thing that catches attention is the franchise mode. The depth of this mode is unparalled, lasting up to 30 seasons. A draft occurs after every season, just like in real life. This game also allows you to import a draft class from NCAA 2003. You can also sign free agents, release players and if you choose, you can work with salary cap restrictions.

Along with the franchise mode, Madden has quite a few play modes, including the 2-miniute-drill mode. In this mode you have to try to score as many times as possible. The training camp mode is also extremely fun. You have to complete certain things at each training camp to move on to the next one.

The only downfall to the game is the announcing. It’s a little sluggish at times, and you hear the same phrases at just about the same time in every game. You also hear more Al Michaels, and you would think that you would hear more John Madden. I mean the game is named after him after all.

The thing I enjoy the most about this game is the mini-game. In the mini game you have to collect points by completing the Madden challenges. With the points you earn you can buy Madden cards. The cards have the ability to boost player’s attributes, add extra downs and to decrease the attributes of the opposing teams.

Madden 2003 also supports online play. So when the Playstation 2 goes online, you will be able to play Madden against people from all over the world. When the PS2 goes online, it’s time to put up or shut up. Oh and by the way “Are you ready for some football.”