Greek Sneak Peek

Hushed conversations filled the air, while dozens of young women filled the seats of the University Center’s second floor lobby. The crowd waited expectantly as the doors of the Ballroom opened for the official kick-off event of sorority recruitment – the Greek Sneak Peek Party.

The Greek Sneak Peek Party, formerly known as the Deck Party, is a traditional Greek event for women, at any college level, interested in information and insight into sorority life. The event, held Aug. 1, provided an opportunity for guests to “meet and greet” and get a feel for Greek life, according to Amber Kuhl, Vice President of Recruiting for the Panhellenic Council.

The evening’s activities began with a song game to break the ice and help the women get to know one another. Each guest was presented a Hawaiian lei as they entered the ballroom. Music and laughter filled the room as the women, grouped according to the color of their lei, tried to sing familiar tunes without missing a note. Songs ranged from Christmas carols to The Brady Bunch theme song. Ms. Kuhl described the game as, “kind of cheesy, but fun.”

Once the crowd loosened up, Betty Mulkey, the Director of Student Life and former Greek advisor, held a discussion to explain the recruitment process and give guests an opportunity to ask questions. The discussion covered topics ranging from sorority membership fees and formal recruitment to what clothes to wear at recruiting. “It cleared up a lot of things for the potential new members,” Ms. Kuhl said.

For the recruitment guests (approximately 50) the Greek Sneak was the first chance to get acquainted with their Gamma Chi (recruitment counselor), chapter members and other students interested in joining a sorority.

Traditionally, the chapter members remain anonymous during the Greek Sneak.

Kristin Stoll, a potential recruit, said the anonymity “took a lot of pressure off.” “We could just be introduced to Greek life as a whole and not have to think about who we really liked talking to and what sorority we wanted to be in yet,” she said.

While not all of the guests had a particular sorority in mind, many arrived at the Greek Sneak with preconceived ideas or reasons to join a sorority. For instance, Amy Merrell, who is pursuing a Master’s degree, was interested in sorority life to build leadership skills and get more involved in philanthropic pursuits. Others, like Tara Muncy, a second year freshman Nursing major, considered joining Greek life to gain academic support and to get involved on campus.

Then, there were those like Ms. Stoll, an incoming freshman, who was neutral on the idea of sorority life before attending the Greek Sneak Peek Party. However, “attending (the Greek party) made me more interested in joining a sorority,” she said. “The girls made me feel comfortable and helped me look forward to not only Greek life, but just starting school.”

Ms. Kuhl considered the event a success. “It definitely served its purpose – it informed and introduced the women to Greek life at NKU,” she said.

Formal recruitment took place Aug. 23-26.

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