Outstanding Professor

Dear Editor, My name is Jennifer Wehmann and I would like to recognize an outstanding college Professor. If it were not for this professor, I would not be majoring in Psychology. The Professor I would like to comment on is Dr. Perilou Goddard. Dr. Goddard is not only a great Professor, but a serious motivator and a truly caring person. I had her as my Professor in my sophomore year in Introduction to Psychology (PSY 100). I was only taking that class as a general studies class, but it was during one of her lectures that I realized I had a sincere interest in the subject matter and wanted to change my major to Psychology. Until then, I was an Elementary Education major. Dr. Goddard’s enthusiasm in the interesting subject matter of Psychology inspired me to want to major in the subject. It was after I had her class that I changed my major and will be majoring in Psychology in December. The entire Psychology faculty is amazing and extremely helpful. I have had many truly outstanding Professors here at Northern in the Psych. Dept. but it was Dr. Goddard who inspired me the most. Thanks Dr. Goddard!

Jennifer N. Wehmann