Pub crawl ads don’t belong in student papers

Dear Editor,

It was disconcerting to turn the pages of The Northerner on April 24 to find that our student newspaper accepts advertisement monies to promote a pub crawl. For those of you who do not know what a pub crawl is, just take the name apart, and it speaks for itself.

Pubs in a particular given area promote cheap drinks and free entry on a particular night to encourage business from college students. When you’ve had your fill in one pub, you move on to the next. You can surmise easily where the crawl part comes in to play.

Hopefully, students will get out alive with their health and brains intact for next semester or to enjoy the summer.

I sincerely hope The Northerner will rethink its policy on advertising alcohol functions to our students. They get enough of this hype elsewhere.


Karen L. Bolte, MSW, CSW Personal Counselor and Prevention Coordinator