Wanted: Politically minded students

With election season in full swing, student political leaders are looking for more involvement from the student body. Two campus organizations, College Democrats and College Republicans, are hard at work campaigning for their respective candidates. We’re looking for politically minded students to become more active in their government.

The College Republicans have been active in local politics since they were re-activated last fall under the leadership of Andrew Lauer. In January, Noah Meeks took over as President, and we’ve become even more active. Since January, we have worked at a Congressional District Fund-raiser, worked at two Geoff Davis for Congress fund-raisers, and supported a host of local candidates. Mitch McConnell, Congressional candidate Geoff Davis, and local candidate Lloyd Rogers have been at our meetings, and we work very closely with elected officials to promote the Republican agenda from the grassroots level. Next fall, we hope to host a debate between Geoff Davis and Ken Lucas, and we hope to invite at least one nationally known speaker.

This year is going to be a Grand Ole Party. The future of the College Republicans at NKU is very, very bright. We passionately support individual liberty, limited government, national security, and the right to life. Our nation now realizes the consequences of neglecting these issues, and College Republicans believe in America. If you believe in these Republican values, I encourage you to get involved. Just give Noah Meeks a call at 572-7821, email him at meeksn@nku.edu, or stop by the Student Life Office. Remember the words of President Reagan, “No weapon in the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.” Have the will and courage to become politically active