Sports of a fun sort

The air is getting warmer, which can only mean the spring sports season is underway. Leading the “just for the fun of it” sports is the intramural softball league, consisting of both men’s and co-ed leagues.

Intramural softball is the perfect alternative for the student who has always wanted to play a school sport, yet fears the competition and commitment. The responsibility in these leagues is slim: just show up on game day, play your heart out and have a good time doing it.

Students create their own teams; the only requirement is being a current NKU student. The co-ed league consists of five teams, while the men’s is made up of six. The teams seem to be mainly focused on having a good time, making intramural softball perfect for the student dying to get off the couch and onto the field this spring.

Junior nursing major, Joe Newell plays centerfield for the Northern Rangers, one of the co-ed teams. Newell says he likes to play intramural sports because he doesn’t have to worry about practicing, or messing up during the game. Another ranger player agrees with his teammate. Junior political science major, Scott Griffith feels there is a real advantage to playing intramural sports. “You get to have fun with your fellow students without having to worry about serious commitments, like organized athletics, said the Rangers second baseman.

Coached by Bruce Rellar, the Rangers are facing some tough competition from their fellow students. Griffith feels this is because “our team isn’t that experienced when it comes to softball, so we’ll struggle against any team we face.” But that is the beauty of intramural sports. There is no anxiety about what the team’s record is when everyone is out there to have fun. Newell feels this is how “sports are supposed to be.”

Players who aren’t out there to have fun are posed with the threat of being thrown out of the game. According to the sportsmanship procedures, players may be ejected for a number of unruly conducts. These include the use of profanity, argumentation with an official, or use of derogatory remarks toward an opponent or official. These rules keep the game running smoothly and ensure the players are there to have a good time.

If you’d like to support the intramural softball leagues in their quest for victory, head to the intramural softball fields located behind the residential village. The co-ed teams play their games every Monday, while the men’s teams have their games every Thursday. (Times and detailed schedules can be found on the campus recreation Web site, Intramural sports need encouragement too, so come out and show your support this spring.