Get help to pass classes

Students may no longer need to withdraw or retake classes. The Supplemental Instruction program, the Structured Language Assistance program, Writing Center and Math Center are the keys to a student’s success in tough classes.

Students have three attempts to pass a remedial class and if not successful they may be granted a fourth attempt by the Appeals Committee. A new policy will go into effect in the fall according to David Emery, Academic Advising Director, stating students who have finished 45 semester hours must be done with 090 classes.

This new rule may lead to more students taking advantage of the learning assistance programs.

Northern Kentucky University president James Votruba encouraged people to take advantage of these programs. “Get help early. Little problems become big very quickly,” he said.

SI is an alternate tutoring system free of charge. On average, SI students score 10% higher than the rest of the class with the help of SI leaders, who are the basis of the program. These leaders retake the class and run three out-of-class study groups. The focus is on active learning and discussions.

The classes chosen for SI and SLA are those with a 30% or higher withdrawal rate. “These types of services help stop students from withdrawing from tough classes,” said Karen Jenkins Smith, coordinator of SI and academic tutoring.

Robin Hampton, an SI leader, has found great success in the program.

“I absolutely love this program,” Hampton said. “All my students scored above a “C” on the first exam! This is the first time for this to occur.”

Students who anticipate a difficult course in the fall may take advantage SLA, another free system available on campus. All students who enroll are required to attend SLA workshops until their first exam. If a student maintains a “C” average the sessions are not mandatory but are encouraged.

Academic tutoring in BP 230 is a support for students who need to comprehend or better understand their current courses including accounting, biology, chemistry, information systems, psychology or history.

The Math Center, in ST 343, assists students below or above 100-level courses and will help students with any questions, problems or assignments.

Academic Tutoring and the Math Assistance Center are free of charge to NKU students.

Assistance with essays, reports, or research papers is available in the Writing Center located in BP 230. Tutors include faculty and students who are skilled readers and writers that will work with you one-on-one. A sample paper may even be reviewed with a tutor from the course you are taking.

Classes available in the fall for SI are BIO 208, MAH 099, CHE 100, and SOC 100. Classes available for SLA are BIO 120, MAH 099, and MAT 119. Students interested in any of these programs should contact Paul Ellis at 572-5611.