Criticism is good

Are you guys running out of stuff to print or what that you have to find the most absurd things to print from the newspapers of other colleges? I’m referring to the article titled “Snitches, tattle-tales, and narcs need to learn a lesson” by Josh Sullivan (UK) published in the April 17, 2002 edition.

Now, I understand that it can be an unpleasant experience to receive a little criticism, but this guy is getting way out of hand about it. It’s one thing to snitch on someone for something they have done that no one was supposed to know about. Those of us who have siblings know what that is all about. However, when you’re talking about constructive criticism in an academic environment, it’s totally different! It’s not snitching, it’s giving you constructive criticism so that you know what to do better next time. Mr. Sullivan seems to be very confused about the difference between the two.

If you’re in college, I should hope that, although it’s not pleasant to receive criticism, you’d want to know what you need to do to better yourself and your work. It’s better to hear it now, than to find out from your boss that you lost a deal because you didn’t know how to present yourself or the information you needed to give to the people you were trying to win over. Give me a freakin’ break!

Some people apparently have a lot of growing up to do. Not to mention, I think it’s ridiculous how Mr. Sullivan’s solutions are violent ones. Is that what The Northerner wants it’s readers to see?

It’s a bunch of blubbering nonsense from someone who has a lot of maturing to do. Next time, The Northerner should try to publish a more constructive article not something that makes me think that those working in the office have nothing better to do.

Adriana Hernandez International Studies/Biology major