Things to do with old video games

Seeing that this is the last issue, I have decided to try my hand at a little humor.

Do you have old video games lying around that you don’t play anymore or that you bought and then came to the conclusion that you wasted your money. Well, I am here to try to help you put those old and never played games to good use.

Tired of your Playstation 2? Well, there is another use for it. The disc tray can double as a cup holder. Now you have a place to sit your drink while you are playing your new Xbox or Game Cube.

Now on to the uses for old video games. I will start with Playstation and PS2 games. Let’s say you are throwing a party, but you don’t want to get water rings on your freshly polished coffee table. I know there is a simple solution to this, use coasters. But what if you don’t have any coasters and have no time to go out and buy some. That’s no problem, just bust out the games you never play anymore, spread them around the table, and ta-da, you now have your coasters, and no water rings on your table.

Now that the weather is starting to become nice, everyone wants to be outside, leaving your games and game systems sitting inside to collect dust. But you can take the fun of gaming with you outside. As you well know, one of the pastimes of spring and summer is tossing around the Frisbee. But what if you don’t have one. That’s okay, just bust out that old copy of Jet Moto and start tossing it around amongst your friends, but be careful not to cut yourself on the edges.

For our gamers who like guns, I also have a suggestion for you. Let’s assume that you like to take target practice using skeet, but all of a sudden you run out of them. Once again, that is not a problem. Just grab a stack of old video games and you’re all set to pull’ and fire. Remember your old Sega Saturn that’s sitting in the attic just collecting dust; well I have devised a use for that as well. You know how your grandmother loves to plant flowers in the spring, wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to her to make her a planter. What better tool to use than your old Sega Saturn. Maybe then your grandmother would stop pinching your cheeks. You could also use any of your old game systems for this, I just choose the Saturn because all mine does is collect dust.

If you are into backyard wrestling, then I have an idea for you as well. So you like to get hit or hit people over the head with foreign objects, well why not use an old game system. I think that pile driving someone on top of an old Nintendo system would have more impact than a folding chair or whatever else you use. Or how about smashing your old Neo Geo over someone’s head. That should gain some retribution for buying the thing in the first place, and satisfy the fans that watch you.

Finally, there is of course the easiest option to every one, especially for us poor, broke college students. You can take your old games and systems to stores like Game Stop and sell them back or trade them for other games, enabling you to get cash in your pockets or a new game to play.

As you can see, video games have more value that just playing through to the end, and then letting it sit there to collect dust. So why not take some of my suggestions and get the maximum value out of those old games and game systems. I hope you enjoy reading this and much as I enjoyed writing this.