WNTV needs more reliable programming

Sitting down at 8PM this evening (4/3/02), I thought I’d catch a movie on WNTV that seemed interesting to me. After spending nearly two hours watching The Last Castle, most likely only 15 minutes from the end, and at the point of climax, the screen went black and then a new movie started up.

If this were a one time thing then it wouldn’t bother me so much. Unfortunately, this is the fifth or so time this has happened.

I have written to WNTV expressing my concerns and I know of others that also share this experience of WNTV’s failure. Each time they send back a reply about how the equipment is new and they are working on it. It has now been many months and these problems are still occurring. The goal of WNTV is to provide quality movies and programming for the students staying here on campus. Personally, I would consider part of this mission to be in the ability to show the movies in their entirety.

I for one and becoming increasingly distraught over this and I feel that I am wasting my time attempting to watch a movie that has been promised to be aired. Hopefully, something can be done about this soon, maybe even before everyone goes home for the summer.

Patrick Cottingham Criminal Justice major Freshman