Student groups to be recognized

Its been compared to Hollywood’s Oscar night, but at this award ceremony no tux or sequins are required.

On April 17, Student Life will host the Fifth-Annual Student Organization Celebration and present 18 awards to individuals and organizations in recognition of outstanding achievement.

The night is also a way to publicize to the University administration what the students are doing. “The purpose is to encourage, reward and recognize the efforts of our students with regard to their volunteer activities that occur outside the classroom,” said Kim Vance, assistant director of Student Life.

Vance said many of the students work very hard and this is the University’s way of highlighting them.

“Even some of the students who receive stipends put in way more time, way more dedication to the University than we could ever reward them salary wise,” she commented.

Among the awards that will be given is the Award of Distinction, the most prestigious of all the awards. University president James C. Votruba and his wife will present this award.