SGA executive candidates

Katie Herschede, Junior
Position seeking: President

Previous SGA Experience: 2001-2002 SGA President, senator, University Affairs Committee Chair, Team NKU
Campus Involvement: Norse Leadership Society; Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society; Golden Key Honor Society; Order of Omega Greek Honor Society; Honors Program; Presidential Ambassadors; Phi Sigma Sigma; Students for Other Students Mentoring Program; Student Life Ambassador Team; Norse Force
Leadership Experience: Student Government Association President; Student Regent; Phi Sigma Sigma President; University Affairs Committee Chair of SGA; Scholarship chair of NLS; Co-Chair of Freshmen Service Leadership Committee in NLS; Budget Chair of APB; Vice President of Phi Sigma Sigma; Philanthropy Chair of Phi Sigma Sigma; Fund-raising chair of Phi Sigma Sigma; Ex-Officio Judicial Board Member of Phi Sigma Sigma; Chair of 2001 Student Campaign for the United way Campaign Committee.
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “As president, I will strive to improve the Student Government Election process, strongly advocate and endorse a new students union, increase online services and work to increase students organization funding.
For Student Government to be truly diverse group, it is imperative that we spread the word about SGA and encourage everyone to attend meeting and become involved.”
I would like to look in the potential of online elections. In addition, I am going to appoint a committee to student the effects of slate-voting at other institutions.
The students at NKU deserve a new student union. Our current University Center was built for 5,000 students, and we now have close to 13,000. Obviously this is quite a disparity. It is critical to campus life to have an up-to-date student union. We are in the age of technology. It is critical to have more services online at NKU. I will work with administration to be able to purchase parking passes online, pay tickets and fines online, to access all course catalogues online and several other initiatives.
To co-curriculum is an important piece of our collegiate experience. Student Organizations deserve to have additional funds to work with. I would like to increase the operating pool for student organizations and be sure that there is at minimum a cost of living increase per year to the Student Fee Allocation Board and other student organization funding sources.
Another goal I have is to continue to enrich the diversity of the Student Government Association Senate. I would like to see more emerging leaders who are taking positions in various organizations.
I am going to continue the excellent working relationship Student Government Association has with students and administration. I am committed to the students and their needs on this campus.

Burhan Mohamedali, Senior
Position seeking: Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Previous SGA experience: 2 years in SGA, Grievance and Affirmative Action Committee Chair
Campus Involvement: International Student Union, African Student Union; Tri Beta Biological Society associate member
Leadership Experience: Treasurer – International Student Union; External Relations Officer – African Student Union
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: Improve quality of student life, Improve quality of resident student life, streamline some of the red tapes in SGA, make SGA diverse and popular, increase awareness of SGA to student body, and represent the voice of minorities in SGA.
“I have been with SGA for two years. These two years have taught me a lot about SGA and its functioning. I can apply this learned knowledge to the benefit of SGA and students in general.”

Eric Fegan
Position seeking: Vice President of Administrative Affairs
Previous SGA experience: Senator- Fall 2001-present; Numerous high School SGA offices.
Campus Involvement: Pi Kappa Alpha pledge class president, rush chairman; College Democrats president, state officer candidate; Phi Beta Lambda community service chairman; Team NKU
Leadership Experience: Future Business Leaders of America national vice president, state president and state vice president; National Young Leaders Conference; Ky. Farm Bureau outstanding youth leader; U.S. Senate outstanding leader award.
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: Continue current legislative speaker series; start “young legislative speaker series”; work with NKU and government officials to give our students more opportunities in federal, state, county and local government; establish and executive council in Team NKU and coordinate more Team NKU events; get students more involved in Team NKU by signing 500 students in the organization; work with Team NKU’s Alumni Advocates to strengthen our alumni relations.

John Rasp, Sophomore
Position Seeking: Senator
Previous SGA experience: Senator- spring 2001- present; University Improvements Committee Chair
Campus Involvement: Flag Football; Volleyball and Basketball Intramurals; Team NKU
Leadership Experience: Leadershape 2001; P’G Corporate Leadership Conference
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “My main goal for students is to get better exercise equipment for student use. I think by getting better equipment it will help to keep more students on campus. I also would like to work on ways in which students can graduate more quickly than before. Such ideas as eliminating the extra money paid for credit hours and providing better advising, I think we could achieve that objective.”

Vonetta Dumas, Junior
Position seeking: Senator
Previous SGA experience: none
Campus Involvement: communications speech club, staff writer for the Northerner, planning committee for first Afro-American Graduation Ceremony
Leadership Experience: Director of Education, Ohio Region for the California Makeup Institute
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “I am willing to serve as a voice for NKU student body diverse needs. I am mature, dedicated, outgoing and articulate.”

Jennifer Gabbard, Junior
Position seeking: Senator
Previous SGA experience: Senator 2000-2001; Special Activities Committee Chair 2001-2002
Campus Involvement: SGA; Health Professionals Club; American Chemistry Society; Tri Beta; Campus Republicans; Team NKU
Leadership Experience: Special Activities Committee Chair; Phi Sigma Sigma Scholarship Chair
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “My goal is to seek out the concerns of the students here at NKU and try and appease their wishes as best I can.”
I will try to advocate for the students and let their opinions be heard. I am committed to this campus and will put forth all my effort to better it.”

Cheri Taylor, Freshman
Position seeking: Vice President for Public Relations

Previous SGA experience: Senate – 1 year
Campus Involvement: Team NKU; Psychology Club; SGA; Phi Sigma Sigma; Officer’s Training Conference; Emerging Leaders Conference; Community Care Day
Leadership Experience: SGA Senate; National Honor Society; President, Students Against Drunk Driving
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “I want the voices of all NKU students to be heard. I want students to receive a good quality education and I will do anything that is necessary, in order to achieve this goal. I will represent NKU with pride and spread the work that NKU produces successful college students.”

Amber Justice, Junior
Position seeking: Executive Vice President
Previous SGA experience: Senator
Campus Involvement: Delta Gamma; Team NKU; SGA; Norse Force; College Democrats
Leadership Experience: none
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “I aim to expand SGA’s presence on campus and increase the student body’s awareness of SGA as a student advocate. I am committed to enhancing the quality of student life and promoting involvement at NKU. I will promote diversity within SGA, to be representative of the entire student population. Mos
t importantly, I aim to foster a sense of Norse pride in all NKU students.”

Charles Gowdy, Freshman
Position seeking: Senator
Previous SGA Experience: none
Campus Involvement: none
Leadership Experience: High school class president and representative; secretary of treasury in Black Achievers Program
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “I will try to work on tuition cost, lunch cost, and hopefully work towards make NKU better than what it is today.”

Lovingson Mtonciwiza, Junior
Position seeking: Senator

Previous SGA experience: Current Senator
Campus Involvement: International Student Union; African Student Union; Emerging Leadership Conference; Reviving of the school radio station
Leadership Experience: General Namibian Student Union; Vice President of the University of Zimbabwe Student Union
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “I feel the voiceless are really never taken care of. I intend to represent international student concerns. I intend to introduce acts that benefit, rather than bring divisions. I want to promote development.”

Adrienne Phelps, Sophomore
Position seeking: Senator
Previous SGA experience: Senator, Special Activities Committee member
Campus Involvement: Delta Gamma sorority; Norse Force; Team NKU
Leadership Experience: Delta Gamma director of continuous open binding and sponsorship; Chairperson of Sisterhood Team NKU District Chair – chair of strategic planning
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: A new student union; prevent future tuition increases; constitutional reform; campus beautification; more efficient and cheaper student parking, online syllabi; fighting for students.
“I care about the issues and laws that will affect ALL students. Through my previous experiences of being a Senator I have enjoyed being a voice for students.”

Jeff Weier, Junior
Position seeking: Vice President of Public Relations
Previous SGA experience: Senator
Campus Involvement: Pi Kappa Alpha; Tri Beta; Golden Key Honor Society
Leadership Experience: Secretary for Pi Kappa Alpha
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “I would try to keep the students and the general public up to date with all current events happening at NKU, along with all events occurring within student government. I will also strive to get more students involved on campus.”

Abby Bentley, Freshman
Position seeking: Vice President of Public Relations
Previous SGA experience: Senate 2001-2002, Campus Improvement Committee, Grievance and Affirmative Action Committee
Campus Involvement: Delta Zeta sorority; Team NKU; Norse Force
Leadership Experience: Philanthropy Chair; Delta Zeta; Slate Committee Representative, Delta Zeta
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “It will be my main goal as the Vice President for Public Relations to keep the student body of NKU updated on the workings of the University and SGA. Through a constantly updated web site, email reminders to student body, newsletters, and other public relations efforts, I will make sure that the student body is aware of the role of SGA within the University.”

Dustin Cahill, Junior
Position seeking: Vice President of Student Affairs
Previous SGA experience: SGA senator; SGA-special activities board; Improvement Committee.
Campus Involvement: Pi Kappa Alpha; SGA; Team NKU
Leadership Experience: New member educator, Pi Kappa Alpha
Goals’ Commitments if elected: “If elected, my goal is simply to improve the University in anyway possible. My other goal is to make sure the student body knows that they have a voice in what happens to their school. My commitment is to have the goals of SGA and the goals of the entire student body met and then worked upon diligently.”

Amanda Bentley
Position seeking: Senator
Previous SGA experience: none
Campus Involvement: Speech Club
Leadership Experience: High school student government; national convention workshop presenter
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “I’ll be committed to serving as a 4th year student who has just began the desire for involvement. I’d like to see the encouragement for students to become involved outside those of the Greek system, through the exposure of major and minor organizations that will help all NKU students become involved.”
strive to represent the new image of NKU as an institution is wanting to obtain. I have personal goals to meet others, give of myself to NKU and be a representative for those I sat next to each day of class.”

Amber Hardesty, Junior
Position seeking: Senator
Previous SGA experience: Senator – spring 2001
Campus Involvement: Delta Zeta; Panhellenic Council; Student Alumni Association
Leadership Experience: Delta Zeta Vice President for new members and membership; Director of Rho Chi chapter for Panhellenic Council; Secretary, Student Alumni Association
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “My commitment is to the students of NKU. I want to keep students well informed about what is happening at their school.”

Noah Meeks, Freshman
Position seeking: Senator
Previous SGA experience: none
Campus Involvement: Team NKU; College Republicans Baptist Student Union American Chemical Society
Leadership Experience: President of College Republicans
Goals ‘ Commitments if elected: “I would like to see tuition and fees held to a reasonable level, and I would insist on putting students’ needs first.