Last week’s paper was great

I wish to praise the Wednesday, March 27, 2002 issue of The Northerner. It is one of the best if not the best issue I have read in my twenty years at Northern Kentucky University.

All the articles (and even the letters to the editor) were pertinent to the NKU community, on important and/or interesting subjects, and well-written.

I appreciated the informative yet critical piece titled “Recycling program lacks effort.” Important information was also contained in the front-page article about how NKU ranks in the nation in terms of percentage of black faculty. Valuable information was in the front-page article about the change in campus citation policy, the second-page story about exciting educational opportunities with the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad, the third-page piece about the NKU All-Card, and the fourth-page story on College Night. Also on page four were two additional articles of interest, one on the poor diets and exercise habits of NKU students and the other a fine, positive profile of an NKU not-traditional student, a very busy “stay-at-home mom.”

The pieces were written in an engaging and well-organized manner as well. I especially liked the lead or opening to the front-page story about the fraternity plunge into Lake Inferior to raise money for a charity: “Lake Inferior took on a superior cause . . . .” Also, the first and last paragraphs in the “Stay-at-home mom” profile nicely and cleverly framed the story.

Thank you all at The Northerner for excellent reporting!